Loans Online With Bad Credit -Frendlypresents.Com / Sat, 16 Nov 2019 14:56:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Small Loan at the University /small-loan-at-the-university/ /small-loan-at-the-university/#respond Sat, 16 Nov 2019 14:56:21 +0000 A few days ago, as a Small Loan, we had the honor to host the event “Workshop Fair – or job fair differently” organized by the University of Bialystok. We had the pleasure to meet students, and they received a unique opportunity to get to know our company .


Not just quick loans online

Not just quick loans online

Every day, we offer our clients quick online loans. payday loans via the Internet. However, this time, during the job fair, we offered students a workshop on creating a personal brand. The Internet is a very good place to start an e-commers start-up, but also a tool to build a strong personal brand on the labor market. All social media channels, expert forums and the entire blogosphere are particularly helpful here.

Marsha Modelwski, our Public Relations Specialist, shared her knowledge and experience with students.


What did the students learn?

What did the students learn?

The aim of the workshop was to prove that a little commitment is enough for the dream job to find us, and not the other way around. Students of the University of Bialystok could learn how to use their potential in practice, they also gained valuable skills that will be useful in building a strong personal brand and, as a result, success in the labor market.


Reputation more expensive than money

Reputation more expensive than money

Fast credit over the internet can be taken in a few minutes. You can lose your reputation on the web just as quickly. During the workshops, students learned what content to avoid and not post on their social media profiles. – Most employers, before employment, check the profiles of candidates on Facebook or Instagram. That is why it is worth considering now consciously building your authentic and strong personal brand – emphasized Marsha Modelwski from Marta Suzie, owner of the Loan Easy website.

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Cash loans available to customers /cash-loans-available-to-customers/ /cash-loans-available-to-customers/#respond Sun, 06 Oct 2019 13:56:23 +0000 A cash loan is a great solution when you need money. Not one person has used this method and there is great satisfaction. Of course, before making any decision, it pays to download valuable tips first, get acquainted with the most frequently chosen cash loans, here they are:

Cash loan for any purpose is the first proposal


By the way the most popular. It is above all a convenient solution, comfortable, because the customer does not have to explain anything, presents his credibility, and what he spends money on is his individual matter. Banks require protection, hence the borrower presents a blank promissory note, third party surety and if he only has an insurance document. A lot of people take care of their property, protect themselves for the future and with a cash loan for any purpose is an additional point.

The older generation also uses this method, but there is the awareness that collateral looks different, namely the last pension slice as well as a certificate from the Social Security Institution (ZUS) are necessary, these documents make it easier to calculate the amount that can be obtained.

Cash loans for any purpose are issued in a variety of ways


Because it depends only on the borrower and his needs. A sudden circumstance, expectations as to financial speed, willingness to buy household appliances for comfortable functioning in everyday life or some kind of entertainment, there are absolutely no guidelines as to how to use a cash loan for any purpose.

The next suggestion is a current account loan. As the name suggests that an existing account is being used, the history is checked so that the bank can verify that the customer has no debts from the past.

When everything is fine


He can patiently wait for a positive response. A credit card is the last way to pay attention. Safety is guaranteed by a certain limit at the very beginning.

Thanks to which both parties are satisfied and the borrower and the selected banking institution because he does not risk anything. Keeping your credit card is not a financial problem, just a few pennies within a year.

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Loan consolidation and other types /loan-consolidation-and-other-types/ /loan-consolidation-and-other-types/#respond Wed, 02 Oct 2019 13:24:56 +0000

There are many people who take out several or even a dozen small loans that are used to pay off previous debts or less expensive everyday expenses. This situation is not comfortable, however, because each loan has its own interest rate, repayment period.

Requires constant monitoring of many different repayments


So a great solution in this situation is to take a consolidation loan that will allow you to replace more loans with one. It is estimated that in this way installments can be reduced by up to fifty percent.

Therefore, a consolidation loan can replace a home loan, car loan or all types of smaller and larger cash loans, even those taken in foreign currencies. The consolidation loan usually covers a very large repayment period, which is why it is usually taken for a period of twenty years. His collateral is usually real estate, houses, flats.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

Many people do not seem to be able to distinguish between mortgages and loans. However, this difference is fundamental. First of all, the loan from the loan differs primarily in the fact that there is no emphasized purpose of its use, therefore it can be used for any purpose chosen by the client.

In addition, the loan is granted not only by banking institutions but also by legal entities and even natural persons. Similarly to a loan, the loan must be secured against any insolvency of the borrower, which is why a mortgage based on real estate, in particular residential type, is used for this purpose.

For this reason, the rate of loan received varies from the value of the property allocated to it. In order to obtain the loan, the required documents must be inserted, including the following: excerpt from the land and mortgage register, property declaration, notarial deed confirming the ownership of the property, and real estate valuation.

Car loans

Car loans

Changed times when the car was a luxury good that few people could afford. Today it has become common in everyday use, and many people simply cannot imagine life without the amenities that a car brings. The main purpose of taking a car loan is therefore to buy a new car or a car that comes from a second-hand shop. The period of this loan usually ranges from half a year to several years, depending on the size of the loan sum. To take a car loan, you must meet the same criteria as for other loans offered by banking institutions.

For this reason, you need to have documents, and above all an ID card, as well as a certificate of monthly income. In addition, the creditworthiness of the potential borrower is very important, because otherwise, due to his insolvency, he will not get a car loan, because there is a risk that he will not be able to pay it back with the interest provided.

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Which cash loan is worth analyzing /which-cash-loan-is-worth-analyzing/ /which-cash-loan-is-worth-analyzing/#respond Sun, 01 Sep 2019 13:42:50 +0000

Money is not so difficult to obtain and the best example can be a cash loan. This is an offer that is moving more and more people, because in fact you can guarantee a satisfying financial transaction through the right approach to the topic.

A cash loan is a wide offer


So everyone has a chance to find something for themselves, you just need to be well prepared for it. It is all about broadening your knowledge, and thus getting to know your cash loan very thoroughly. This is an agreement with the bank on pre-defined conditions, so the person concerned should be aware of his decision.

After collecting funds, he becomes a borrower, so he has specific obligations to the selected banking institution. There are several financial offers worth paying attention to, but it is the cash loan that seems to be the most appropriate, because the minimum formalities and comfort are echoed. It is worth to read the information below.

More popular financial offers is a cash loan for any purpose


Each customer is required to provide credibility documents, i.e. a blank promissory note, third party surety and insurance certificate. Elderly people can also use a cash loan for any purpose, because it does not depend on the year of birth. Every interested senior is obliged to provide the last slice of the pension as well as a certificate from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for the possibility of exact capital calculation.

In a cash loan for any purpose, it is tempting, first of all, that the money won can be spent as much as you want. Here there are absolutely no guidelines or restrictions, it is the individual decision of the person concerned. Another proposition worthy of interest is overdraft, in this case an existing account is used, which just automatically saves a lot of time.

The bank checks its history


When everything is right you can really wait for a positive opinion. Credit cards are cheap to maintain, but this is not the most important thing. This solution guarantees full security because the money is frozen on the account, the customer has access to it, but there is a predefined payout limit.

As you know, not everyone skillfully and with the proverbial head can dispose of money, and with a credit card there is no fear, because there is no chance to spend for a large amount at one time.

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Fee Calculation Flat Rate: How It Works and the Benefits /fee-calculation-flat-rate-how-it-works-and-the-benefits/ /fee-calculation-flat-rate-how-it-works-and-the-benefits/#respond Sun, 30 Jun 2019 08:38:51 +0000

The flat rate tax calculation is very useful to understand which taxes we will have to pay in the course of the year.

Although the flat-rate scheme does provide for some facilities, it is still important to have tax planning that allows you to plan future expenses and projects.

Let’s see then what are the innovations on the subject and why it is important to make a flat rate tax calculation, taking into account the simplifications provided.

Fee calculation flat rate: how it works and the facilities available

Many entrepreneurs in recent years have had the opportunity to start up their own business using the new flat rate scheme . This is a novelty introduced by the 2015 Stability Law, and subsequently reformed by Law 208/2015 (the 2016 Stability Law).

A very recent possibility, but which was immediately accepted by the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who can enjoy the simplifications and facilities provided by the same flat rate .

This possibility was designed precisely to allow entrepreneurs who lead a small business to more easily juggle the bureaucratic and financial labyrinth that generally characterizes these companies.

How the flat rate tax calculation works


At the base of this regime, as we have said, there are some facilitations in bureaucratic and fiscal matters.

First of all, the taxable income is calculated with the profitability coefficient to be applied to the actual revenues. The profitability coefficient indicates the share of revenues on which to calculate taxes and the portion that is not subject to taxation as a lump sum expense.

The application of the tax rate is important for the calculation of the flat-rate tax: in fact, this is different from the one reserved for the ordinary regime. The rate for the flat rate is generally 15%, however in some cases for the first 5 years of activity it can even drop to 5%.

There are differences with respect to the ordinary regime also with regard to the contribution aspect. In fact, if the subject carries out the activity of a craft business or a merchant, it is possible to request a 35% reduction on INPS contributions.

Obviously a fundamental requirement for being able to work with the flat rate scheme is to reside in Italy or produce at least 75% of income on the Italian territory.


Obligations and exemptions


 Obligations and exemptions


The characteristics belonging to the flat rate scheme are also other. For example, unlike the ordinary regime, there is no obligation to record invoices and purchases. Likewise, there is no obligation to keep documents except purchase invoices and customs bills. There is no obligation to declare VAT, nor to charge VAT on invoices issued.


The novelties for the flat-rate tax calculation of 2019


 The novelties for the flat-rate tax calculation of 2019


But with the latest stability law approved by the yellow-green government, further innovations have been introduced for the management of the flat-rate scheme.

In fact, starting from 1 January, the Flat Tax has begun to have validity for all companies and freelancers who have a maximum revenue of € 65,000 per year.


The Flat Tax, announced last year by the government, will have a progressive application over the next few years.

Another novelty introduced by the Budget Law is the extension of the flat-rate scheme, whose maximum threshold will be raised to € 100,000 instead of the € 65,000 currently in force. In this case, it is to be kept in mind for the flat rate tax calculation that the substitute tax will be equal not to 15% as for the previous threshold, but to 20%. However, the exemption from the electronic invoicing obligation expires.

The growth in VAT numbers


Since the approval of the law, last year, there has been a constant increase in the opening of VAT numbers, as reported by the Sole 24 Ore.

It seems that most of these new entrepreneurs are former employees and retirees, who have not missed the tasty opportunity. In fact, 26,000 of the new VAT numbers belong to the age group between 51 and 65, with a preference for the technical consulting sector. Another significant slice of the former employees belongs to the 30-year-olds group, easily identifiable with the young people who have expired a fixed-term contract and who have decided to attempt the adventure of a free-lance profession.

However, as part of this new wave also includes some false VAT number that could take advantage of the flat-rate tax calculation, it was established the prohibition to receive compensation from employers dependent in the 2 years following the opening of the company.

The new requirements of 2019


The same Budget Law has changed some of the requirements for the flat rate scheme. The Government has in fact decided to eliminate:

  • The limit of € 5,000 for ancillary and dependent labor costs and for the compensation of employees;
  • The € 30,000 limit for perceived employment income (replaced by the ban we mentioned earlier)
  • The limit of € 20,000 for the cost of capital goods.


The 5% tax

 The 5% tax


We have said that there are cases in which, for the first 5 years of activity, a tax rate of 5% should be considered for the calculation of the flat-rate tax. When can it happen?

This rate applies when:

  • The subject has not exercised artistic, professional or business activities in the three years preceding the start of the activity;
  • The company started is not the continuation of a previous employee work activity (except in cases where a previous training period is mandatory).

The choice of the flat rate scheme is certainly attractive, but it must be well thought out. Even in the ordinary regime, in fact, there are subsidies, such as those for the family situation. At this point it is therefore necessary to carry out a cost / benefit analysis that allows to choose the best alternative.

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Mortgages: The Eternal Dilemma Between Fixed and Variable and Rate Forecasts /mortgages-the-eternal-dilemma-between-fixed-and-variable-and-rate-forecasts/ /mortgages-the-eternal-dilemma-between-fixed-and-variable-and-rate-forecasts/#respond Mon, 24 Jun 2019 09:01:54 +0000


Fixed or variable rate , this is the eternal dilemma …

Dear friends of Mr Bank, how many times have you asked yourself this question, or have you heard anyone talk about this subject? How many articles have you already read on the subject?

As you will have understood by now, there is no single answer: the choice depends on many factors, which can be summarized in two: the predisposition to the risk of each of us and the evaluation of the trends in progress and, consequently, the forecasts on the interest rate evolution . Because one thing is certain: a scenario that a few months before can lead to a conclusion in favor of one or the other hypothesis, it is not said that it can change subsequently to make us reach the opposite decision.

Mortgages: the eternal dilemma between fixed and variable and rate forecasts

Mortgages: the eternal dilemma between fixed and variable and rate forecasts


We will therefore try to give you some indication of the direction that rates could take, also in light of the latest political and economic events. Without forgetting that the topic does not only interest those who must decide to apply for a new mortgage at the bank, but also those who already have a mortgage, and maybe want to understand if it is the right time for a subrogation or, more simply, they are asking if you run the risk of having to put your wallet in the near future due to a sudden increase in the Euribor,


The recent history of the Euribo


Before asking what will happen at the Euribor , let us first remember where we are today.

The 1-month Euribor is steadily at -0.37 , for over a year now. To be precise, from July 2016 . Until a few years ago many of us would not even have considered that it could go into negative ground, today it has become almost the “normality”. For the first time, the 1-month Euribor fell below zero in March 2015 , two and a half years ago. It seems like another world, but ten years ago, in September 2007 , we find it at 4.43 . Let us remember that the duration of mortgages can be as long as twenty or thirty years, so … Be careful not to think only of “zero point” when it comes to mortgage rates!

What are the news of these days that can have an impact on rates in the medium term?


 Among the most interesting news of these days surely should be considered Draghi’s position on the renewal of Quantitative Easing and the results of the German elections.

Also read:

  • When will the Quantitative Easing end?
  • German elections: impacts on the euro and markets

The ECB is somehow “baffling” about the slowdown in quantitative easing, which clearly shows that Draghi, while acknowledging that the European economy is recovering, wants to continue supporting its growth with the tools at its disposal, among the which, of course, there are also interest rates. There does not seem to be any particular upward haste

On the other hand, however, the results of the German elections, even with the confirmation of Merkel, will probably constitute an element of discontinuity, with the probable entry of center-right forces, more critical of Merkel’s European policy than the latter’s period.

The Euribor forecasts


 What do futures rates tell us today? They expect an increase, if we take the 3-month Euribor in fact, we see a 2018 still in negative territory, to resume above zero starting from the end of 2019.

In five years , in 2022 , the rate should close in December above 0.90 , to exceed the 1.0 level at the beginning of 2023 .

Of course, many things can change in five years, but it is clear that this scenario has directed many, in recent months, towards the fixed rate, both as a starting choice for a new mortgage and as a hypothesis of subrogation of a loan already stipulated at a rate variable. But is this still the trend?


The usual dilemma


The usual dilemma


Let us now try to reason in differential terms. The interest rate applied to the mortgage, as we know, is given by:

  • Variable rate: Euribor + spread
  • Fixed rate: IRS + spread

Therefore the interest rate applied does not depend only on the official reference rates, but also on the spreads applied by the banks, which are also indicative of their strategy.

A year ago the difference between the best fixed and variable rate mortgages was around 60 points (0.6%): around 1.6% against 1.0%.

In June 2017, this differential seems to have increased: in the face of a decrease in the Euribor, which favored a further lowering of the variable, the recovery of the IRS, due to the rise in inflation, has instead increased, although not by a lot, the fixed rate. Result, the fork between fixed and variable has risen, some observers speak of values ​​close to 1% of differential.

This new trend, coupled with a scenario that does not seem to envisage drastic decisions by the ECB in the near future, could push someone to consider the variable rate again to enjoy its benefits at an early stage, which may not be so short.

After all, it always depends on the risk appetite …


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Online Mortgages } Financial Loans /online-mortgages-financial-loans/ /online-mortgages-financial-loans/#respond Thu, 20 Jun 2019 09:08:20 +0000


Enjoy reading our Online Mortgage Guide


In these pages you will find, for each issuer, specific information on the online mortgage offered, reviews and advice on the offer, as well as an institutional presentation of the product.

This guide will certainly help you in choosing your online mortgage .

Mortgages: what they are


Mutui online When we talk about mortgages, in the first instance, we think of a form of financing that a private person asks the bank to buy a house . And indeed this is certainly one of the main applications of this important tool which also has a social as well as a financial value. The possibility of being able to easily access a mortgage, in fact, is considered one of the essential elements to provide support to the stability of young families, and it is therefore no coincidence that sometimes even the policy itself intervenes with measures in this sense. But the purchase of the main house does not exhaust the cases of application: a loan contract can in fact also be stipulated for the restructuring of a property, the purchase of a second home (for example for the holidays, or as an investment), or even for the construction of a building .

The subject or body that provides the loan (generally the bank) is called the lender , while the private or company that receives the money is the so-called borrowing party .

The principle is that typical of any form of loan or loan: the bank, or another accredited body, provides a sum that must be returned in an agreed period of time, in installments, and in an increased amount based on an interest rate default . But there are still some peculiar aspects of the mortgages that must be considered, and which we will see below, by analyzing the main elements of the mortgage in a simple way.


a) Mortgage guarantee

 a) Mortgage guarantee

Let’s start with the mortgage guarantee because it is perhaps the main element that distinguishes the mortgage from other forms of financing. As we have said, generally a mortgage has as its purpose the purchase, restructuring or construction of a building. Moreover, the subject that provides any type of financing generally is concerned with the guarantee that the other can provide to protect the capital provided. Here, then, is that the choice in the mortgage is natural: the main guarantee provided is the building itself, on which a mortgage will then bear until the loan is settled, after which all the installments are paid.


b) Other guarantees


 b) Other guarantees


Sometimes the bank can ask for additional guarantees in addition to the mortgage on the building. This can happen for example if the bank believes that the income of the borrower is not high enough to guarantee payment of the installments determined on the basis of the interest rate applied. Or if the value of the property is not high enough in relation to the amount paid. In fact, in the event that the borrower is no longer able to meet the contractual charges (the payment of the installment) the bank will try to retaliate precisely on the property burdened by a mortgage: if the value of the latter is not high enough the bank would not be able to return the entire amount paid. Here, then, that in cases like these, the bank could ask for additional guarantees with respect to mortgage guarantees , for example the presence of a guarantor able to honor the borrower’s commitments in the event that the latter fails to do so.


c) Amount disbursed:


c) Amount disbursed:


It is the sum that is paid by the bank: the maximum amount that can be obtained varies from case to case, and generally depends on the following factors:

  • value of the property;
  • income of the applicant;
  • duration chosen;
  • interest rate applied;
  • guarantees provided;
  • policies of the bank that provides the mortgage.

For example, if the applicant opts for a duration of 20 years, the bank will pay a maximum amount “X” based on the income declared by them. In the event that this amount is not sufficient for the purchase of the property, the borrower may choose a longer duration, eg 25 years, to get a higher sum. This is because by increasing the duration, at equal conditions, the installment decreases and therefore the amount that the bank can provide, consistent with the income of the applicant, increases.


d) Duration of the loan


d) Duration of the loan



The duration of a mortgage generally can range from 5 to 30 years, but in some cases it can also have longer durations. The choice is generally left to the borrower, but the banks do not always allow very long durations. Generally a longer duration allows lowering the installment, but the interest paid will be higher. A shorter duration means less interest to be paid, but with a higher installment.


e) Interest rate applied


 e) Interest rate applied


As mentioned, against the disbursement of the loan amount, the borrower will have to pay, in installments, an increased amount, to cover the increase in the cost of money and the bank’s remuneration for the service provided. The size of this surcharge is given by the interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the higher this increase will be. Thus the interest rate is one of the most important parameters to consider when choosing a mortgage.

As you know, there are other important elements to consider when talking about a mortgage , such as the amount of the installment or the repayment plan. These elements are generally processed starting from the amount disbursed, the duration and the interest rate applied.


Write fragments in search of the truth. Like going to the bank and asking for a penny to be changed to a million dollars.


Write fragments in search of the truth. Like going to the bank and asking for a penny to be changed to a million dollars.  (Fragmentarius)

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Install Invoice from Card Automatically } Card Consolidation /install-invoice-from-card-automatically-card-consolidation/ /install-invoice-from-card-automatically-card-consolidation/#respond Tue, 21 May 2019 02:26:37 +0000 Installing Hipercard Invoice – Any and all credit card offers some exclusive services to their holders and added. This is not anything out of the ordinary, however, in an hour when paying the invoice at its full amount is not possible, splitting the invoice from the Hipercard Card can come in handy.

How to install the invoice from the Hipercard Card?

How to install the invoice from the Hipercard Card?

With Hipercard, we can buy almost anything we want, and when we want. However, months like December, January and February, card bills seem to want to swallow everyone in the family. This is where the Hipercard installment billing service “can help”. If you have had a month with many expenses or extra expenses, it is comforting to know that you can choose to pay your bill in installments.

At present, those who have a Hipercard card choose to pay the invoice in its entirety, a minimum amount stipulated by the administrator or pay a preferential value that you choose the card or leave. Paying any amount other than totality, you go into revolving credit, so you know, interest is at the time of death, especially now that the rules have changed.

It may even seem like a good solution, however, when you apply for Parcelar Hipercard Invoice, you have to take into account that the installment has become an already used loan, and that the installments will be part of your budget for the time you have financed. Failure to pay them causes the agreement to become a snowball related to the interest that will be applied.

The interesting thing is that you pay the full amount of the invoice so as not to charge interest and extra fees, paying up-to-date it is possible to control the purchases, whether of services, whether of products or merchandise. By paying the minimum, plus you lose money every day, still makes the cost of what you bought is not worth it – you pay interest and IOF for free to the bank. Also read: Hipercard: extract and invoice online, Want a Hipercard credit card without Annuity? Consult and print Hipercard invoice.

Installment of the invoice of the Card

Installment of the invoice of the Hipercard Card

OK! Let’s go to what matters, how to make the payment of the invoice of the Hipercard card with monthly installments?
In the invoice of the card that you receive at home or taken online, the information ” installment of the invoice ” or one of the options of the 2nd sheet appears, if you choose this payment option has no complication. The hiring will occur automatically when paying the exact amount informed for installment of the invoice of the Hipercard card , on the due date. Remember the amount paid should be exactly equal to the amount mentioned, no more, no less, otherwise the system will not understand.

Once the option to pay the invoice has been made, the system sends in the next invoices the installment amount according to the choice. The installment of the Hipercard invoice can be in up to 24 months, with a variable rate per month. The legal of this option is that it reduces the interest of the rotary and still to continue using the available limit. With each installment removed, your credit limit is reconstituted.

Another thing, do not even think that everything is flowers by choosing to “install the invoice from the Hipercard”, just like any and every card, you will be paying much more than the original debit, so be sure, detail. As I have already said and I want to reinforce, you also have expenses like IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions), also check the CET (Total Effective Cost) before making the installment payment.

Where to pay the invoice of the Hipercard card easy?

The payment of the invoice of the Hipercard card can be made in the “Hypermarket Networks Wal-Mart, Sam’s CLub, Hypermarket BIG, Maxxi Wholesale, National, Mercadorama, Todo Dia, Bompreço, Hyper Bompreço” and also in the thousands of lottery houses of the country for invoices with values ​​lower than R $ 1,000.00. Payment of the invoice only in Cash, and it is not possible to make payment by check, credit or debit card.

The Hipercard bill can still be paid at any bank branch, at an ATM with an optical reader, at the telephone answering centers through the bar code or at your bank’s internet site. Once the invoice has expired, payment can only be made at Banco Itaú branches. Access the Extract and Invoice Online

Card Tips

Hipercard Card Tips

Be sure to pay your card bill on time, this way you avoid having interest and charging more charges in the full amount of the next month. If you do not have a way, pay at least the minimum amount stipulated until the due date, doing so, even being late with the total amount you will not pay charges like:

1 -) A fine of 2% on the total balance of the invoice;
2 -) Interest indicated in the Invoice in the field “Maximum interest financing per month” plus interest arrears of 1% per month on amounts due, from maturity to payment;
3 -) Taxes due.

Access hypercard online services?

Access hypercard online services?

Hipercard offers several services with online access, to enter the system, you need to inform the Hipercard card number and your password. For those who do not have the Internet Password yet, just contact us by phone at the Call Center and ask for one.

Again and again the invoice of the Hipercard does not arrive at the address within the payment period, if this occurs, and your monthly statement, does not arrive and you want to know the total to pay, access the online services page of www.ipercard and print a copy of your statement (online invoice for payment).

Note : Without doubt, parceling the invoice of the Hipercard Card, even yes, it is better that the minimum payment compared to the compound interest because of the delay, rotary is not worth much, but … install in a situation that does not have another Way – worth it.

Hipercard telephones : 3003 3030 capitals and metropolitan areas; or 0800 720 3030 other locations, only landline calls; From Monday to Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., except public holidays.

For complaints, cancellations and general information, call SAC Hipercard: 0800 724 4845 – every day 24h. To speak to the center for the hearing or speech impaired, call: 0800 724 4838 – every day 24h. Itaú Corporate Ombudsman: 0800 570 0011 on business days, from 9 am to 6 pm.

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Mortgage Interest Rates | Fixed, Variable /mortgage-interest-rates-fixed-variable/ /mortgage-interest-rates-fixed-variable/#respond Sat, 18 May 2019 08:36:10 +0000

Purchase and Restructuring Consolidation and Liquidity Subsidiary and Refinancing Typologies of Rates Find Branch
The rate applied to the loan represents a key element at the time of applying for the loan , as it determines the amount of the installment that the Customer must return to the Bank. There are two types of interest rates related to the mortgage : fixed or variable . The variable can be with CAP or with Protected Installment .
The reference parameters:

  • Fixed Mortgage

The rate applied to the loan (valid for the entire duration of the contract) is determined based on the value of the Eurirs parameter (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years) rounded to the hundredth and increased by a fixed percentage (spread)

  • Variable Mortgage

The rate applied to the loan is determined on the basis of the value of the Euribor 3 Months / 365 parameter rounded up to the hundredth and increased by a fixed percentage (spread), according to the following method: Euribor 3 months / 365 + spread
Below we offer an exhaustive overview of the different types of rates.

The Fixed Rate Loan


The Fixed Rate Loan


This product requires that the rate does not change for the duration of the loan. The installment defined at the beginning, and the amortization plan, always remain the same. The fixed-rate mortgage therefore offers the certainty of the amount of the installment that does not change over time.


The variable rate mortgage

The variable rate mortgage

This is a type of loan for which the rate is updated monthly, based on the change in the reference parameter (3-month Euribor). The installment may decrease or increase compared to the initial one, depending on the trend of market rates. The variable rate mortgage therefore implies that the installment will undergo changes over time, with consequent advantages in the event of a fall in market rates.


Variable Rate Mortgage with CAP

Variable Rate Mortgage with CAP

Thanks to this type of loan it is possible to combine the variability of the rate based on the reference parameter (3-month Euribor), with the certainty of a limit beyond which the interest rate cannot increase. The installment may therefore decrease or increase with respect to the initial installment, but the CAP, the maximum fixed rate ceiling, represents a threshold that cannot be exceeded for the entire duration of the loan.


Variable Rate Mortgage with Protected Installment


The product provides for the installment to be blocked for periods of 12 months and updated at the end of each period, based on the rate trend. In the event of a decrease in the rate, the repayment of the loan may take place more quickly, while if the rate increases, the increase in the installment will be limited by a percentage equal to the Istat index. The secured installment loan therefore offers the certainty of a fixed rate, protected from any increases in market interest rates, with the convenience of a variable rate product.

The most affordable mortgage?

The most affordable mortgage?


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The fixed-rate mortgage is considered by most, perhaps not without reason, the simplest formula for the consumer, and is associated with the certainty of having a constant installment over time and, consequently, no surprise, for better or for worse.

All this is obviously acceptable, however it is always good to understand in detail the mechanisms that regulate this type of loan and the main differences with respect to other formulas, in particular the variable rate mortgage

How the fixed-rate mortgage works

How the <a href=fixed-rate mortgage works” />

As we know, the fixed-rate mortgage has the characteristic of having an interest rate applied which remains constant for the entire duration of the loan. The consequence of this is that even the installment (usually monthly) that must be paid to the bank is constant over time.

The value of the interest rate is defined before the subscription of the loan and is generally given by two components:

  • The Eurirs , an indicator whose meaning is quite complex: in practice it reflects the cost that the banks must bear to cover, through the purchase of derivatives, the risk of rising interest rates. Its value is a European average defined daily and varies according to the duration: in fact there are different versions of the Eurirs , at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years and in general the value increases with the reference time horizon . In fact, for a longer period of time, a higher cost will be incurred which the bank will have to bear to guarantee the aforementioned caution
  • The spread applied by the bank, a value that may depend on the policies of each bank: low spread values ​​in the phases in which it is desired to acquire customers, higher in the absence of strategies that have this purpose

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A practical example


A practical example


Suppose you want to open a fixed rate mortgage with the following characteristics:

  • Amount € 100,000
  • Duration 20 years
  • Fixed rate

Let’s assume that the 20-year Eurirs rate is 2.1% and that the spread applied by the bank is 1.3%. The rate applied will be 3.4%

2.1% ( Eurirs 20 years ) + 1.3% (spread) = 3.4%

Consequently our installment will be around 570 euros and this will remain for the entire duration of the loan.


Forecasts for fixed-rate mortgages


Forecasts for fixed-rate mortgages


The question that could be asked at this point is the following: what is the use of knowing in detail how the interest rate is composed and how Eurirs works ? In the end things seem very simple: just know the amount of the installment and choose the lowest possible among the various proposals of the credit institutions.

This reasoning would be valid if we had already signed a fixed-rate mortgage , or if we had decided a priori that our choice would surely fall on a fixed-rate mortgage and whether the subscription date did not depend on us.

In other cases, on the other hand, it might be very important to have an idea of ​​the current market situation and of possible evolutions.

Also in this case an example can help:

Let us assume that we are at a particularly favorable time for mortgages, and have found a very advantageous proposal for our 100,000 euro mortgage over 20 years:

1.4% ( Eurirs 20 years ) + 1.0% (spread) = 2.4%

Our monthly payment would be around 520 euros

Let’s now assume that we have to postpone for some reason the opening of our one-year mortgage and that in the meantime the 20-year Eurirs has increased by 0.4 points. The rate will become:

1.8% ( Eurirs 20 years ) + 1.0% (spread) = 2.8%

With a 2.8% interest applied, the installment would become around 540 euros, an increase of 3.8%. It should be noted that the difference of about 20 euros, multiplied by the 240 installments we are going to pay, would lead us to pay higher interest for 4,800 euros over time.

In practice, therefore, the forecasts on the trend of rates, and of the Eurirs indicator in particular, can be very useful for deciding, when one has the possibility, what is the best time to open a fixed rate mortgage or, more generally , to fine-tune its mortgage strategy. Think for example of the case in which you want to switch from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed rate, using the subrogation tool: choosing the best time, with low rates if not at the minimum, would be ideal to achieve a significant saving.


Comparison with the variable rate


Comparison with the variable rate


The fixed-rate mortgage allows the borrower to sleep “peacefully”: any sudden changes in the reference context with associated indiscriminate rate increases have no effect on the fixed-rate mortgage. However, it must also be considered that, in particularly favorable periods for credit, with significant lowering of rates, those who have signed a fixed-rate mortgage cannot avail themselves of the benefits, as is the case for those who have a variable-rate mortgage.

We must also consider that the security of having a constant rate has a cost: the initial rate of a variable rate mortgage is generally lower than that of the fixed rate, sometimes even significantly. This range could be reduced, up to change of sign, if the rates should increase. On the other hand, it could expand further, in the event of a reduction in rates. Or, since a mortgage can last up to 30 years, both things could occur over time.

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