Frendly originated as a way to bring frends from all over the world to one place to share a deep love for music, snowboarding and the outdoors. Historically we used our sport and collective ethos to unite a diverse group of athletes. Within just a few years it became clear that this Frendly movement was meant to transform the lives of people around the world. What started as an idea, turned into a festival, turned into a community that empowers and inspires people to Live Frendly. If you were ever wondering why we spell frends and frendly without an, "I", the answer is because we believe that as a collective we can succeed to greater heights than on our own. 


Frendly Presents is an online blog and content platform in which we have created to allow our frends, fans, and family to join in on the antics while we are traveling the world snowboarding and planning our annual music festival, The Frendly Gathering. We thrive off of creating content that makes our viewers laugh and leaves them inspired to create the same camaraderie driven memories with their group of Frends.

What started in 2010 as Frendsvision, a YouTube channel and website revolving around the wild antics of the group of pro-snowboarders who called themselves the Frends Crew, has now five years later evolved into Frendly Presents. 


MISSION: We believe in cultivating lasting frendships that in turn foster collaborative success and stand to rid future generations of exclusivity. We want to help create a “we” generation that is selfless enough to overcome the “me” mentality. Together, life is better.