Hello frends and welcome to a new member of the Frendly Famly, Frendly Presents! Frendly Presents is our online blog and YouTube channel which we are creating to bring you closer to our world of music and snowboarding. We have been blessed to travel the world snowboarding from a young age and one thing we learned is that "there is no I in Frends" and as a collective we can succeed to greater heights together, than on our own. We want to share videos that make you laugh, and most importantly foster collaborative success amongst your own group of frends! 

Another aspect of Frendly Presents is web series and today, I'm extremely excited to announce our very first video project, Following Frendly Powered By Skype. 

Ever since we started the Frendly Gathering in 2010, it has always been a dream to be able to share the behind the scenes process of what it takes to put together the festival, all while balancing the other half of our lives as professional snowboarders and hosts. After working with Skype at the X Games this year, that dream has finally turned into reality!

After the X Games we had a conversation about how Skype could be involved at the Frendly Gathering. I had explained how I always dreamt of making a 7 pt. web-series following Danny Davis and I as we plan the music festival from the road. And how do you plan a music festival on the road? You use Skype to stay in touch with your staff members obviously. I also explained my vision of having an Airstream on-site that was fully equipped with a recording studio so that during the festival, bands could go in and record a song so we could share unique intimate performances from the Festival. 

The people at Skype are some of the kindest, coolest, people I've met to date and were equally as excited about the project and were instantly on board to help make it happen! Since that phone call The Frendly Crew has been working harder than we have ever worked in our entire lives to pull this off to our best ability all with the goal to make everyone laugh as well as feel inspired to work with their frends to pull off their dreams.

What is Following Frendly Powered by Skype? 

Following Frendly Powered by Skype is a 7 episode web-series that provide a closer lens into the lives of pro snowboarders, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, as they balance the pressures of snowboarding and hosting all while producing their 5th annual music festival, The Frendly Gathering. Through 7 hilarious and inspiring episodes, we will follow the Frendly Crew’s wild antics as they plan their event from the road. The series is in collaboration with Skype, a platform that Jack and Danny have relied on to stay connected with their "Frendly Crew" to help pull off this incredibly overwhelming task of putting together a music festival since day 1.

The series kicks off at the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vail, CO, and continues on a voyage of a lifetime to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Along the way, the crew decides to buy an Airstream, convert it into a mobile recording studio, and discover the undiscovered musicians with the goal of providing a platform to get their stories and voices heard. 

Tune into frendlypresents.com every Tuesday starting 5/26 through 7/7 for a new episode of Following Frendly Powered By Skype.